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4TB External Hard Drive

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    • Sleek profile design with a matte, smudge resistance finish.
    • Plug and play; Easy to use with no software to install.
    • Quickly add more storage capacity to your PC and other compatible devices.
    • USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 are compatible with no external AC power cord needed.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    C. D. Bean
    Finally, a reliable hard drive

    After being severely burned by Lacie (all of their drives are just other brands hard drives in a crappy, unreliable Lacie enclosure) and G-Tech (after being bought by Western Digital their quality went downhill) I researched it heavily and found these Toshiba drives. So far they've been rock solid.

    Joe Devore
    Great for use with a PS4

    I bought this to use on my PS4 that had the stock 500GB drive installed. My son has way too many of the LEGO brick games and just got two more for his birth day. I connected this to my laptop upon arrival and ran EaseUS Partition Manager Technician Edition 12.10 on it. There was a FAT32 partition as expected but after running a format on it i was able to gain about 500MB more space than with the factory formatting. I then connected this to the PS4 and accessed the setting. The PS4 found the drive and recognized it then asked to format it for use as storage with the PS4 games. After about 30 seconds of "formatting" (changing the partition table IDs) the drive was ready for use as a game storage unit. I was able to install all the games and updates needed for them. We have been using the drive everyday for the last few weeks and have seen no issues with this at all. I was able to finally re-install my games of MK XL, Assassin's Creed Unity, Madden '19 and NHL '20. All these games seem to load at least as fast, if not faster, than when they were on the internal drive but, no I do not have any empirical data, just my feeling. I mean my ADHD 8 year old has no issues with his game load times so that good enough... right?I highly recommend this for expanding the storage of your PS4. I have not used this for daily PC/MAC storage or for portable usage so I cannot give a rating there


    Exactly what I needed. I put all my videos on here off my phone and computer. And also my music.

    J. Watkins
    Great for Photos

    I'm one of those people that take a million photos with my phone, and never do anything with them. The last time I bought a new phone and the customer service guy went to transfer all of my stuff to the new phone he freaked out because I had so many pictures. And that was a few years ago before I had my daughter so you can imagine the thousands more that have been added to the mix.Once I started getting a low memory notification from my phone I knew I needed to do something about it. I was also worried about the phone getting lost or stolen and losing all of them. I know they're backed up on my google drive but I just wanted something tangible to be able to hold onto and put in a fireproof safe to know my photos are ok.I found this product that had good reviews, was price effective, and had enough space that I could put all of my photos. It wasn't hard to use, basically just a plug and play situation. It did take a while to get my photos moved over since I had so many but I had no problem getting them saved over and there's still plenty of room for many more.I purchased a case to keep this in and it's stored somewhere safe. I was able to finally clear up some space on my phone. Hooray for external hard drives!

    Compact and Easy to use

    I like to show the size of something so I place it next to a regular deck of playing cards, It's that small! But it holds the memory of bigger size external hard drives, It's simple to use...Just plug into a usb port on your computer ,give it a minute to load up and thats it!! Click your start button...go to computer, Look for your Toshiba icon...click on it...open it up....Drag your music or movies etc right in the box and it's copied onto your new Toshiba Basics 1TB Portable External Hard Drive ...thats it and at 1 Tb...you can load thousands of pictures and music to it and have plenty of space left, I had not 1 problem with it and was set up and ready to go in less than 1 minute.

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