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8TB Ultra Network Attached Storage

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    • Automatic file synching across all your computer.
    • Simplified file and folder sharing.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Larry E. Gray
    Great NAS drive

    I've had the EX2 about 10 months now and it has performed perfectly. I have it set up with two drives that mirror each other and have a UBS drive attached that I backup all my data to. The cloud access from my android phone has also worked great.

    Antony Curry
    Five Stars

    LOVE IT!!!!

    A Perfect Product Doesn't Exist. ..Western Digital Comes Close.

    For media library, security and emergency use...for a private, personal CLOUD, my choice is always Western Digital. Only those failed to use patience when following the instructions or didn't take advantage of the tech support; and even those who haven't given the product a chance don't know what they're missing. A truly great product.

    Very functional for a photography collection and backup

    I haven't left a lot of reviews but this is one I feel strongly about. I did quite a bit of reviewing before getting this. The purpose was keeping a professional photography collection accessible and backed up at home. This does that and more. I bought two 2-TB red-pro 3.5" HDDs. It is extremely easy to set up. You drop the hard drives in. You plug your router in via ethernet cable. You plug it into a surge protector (I bought a Tripp-lite with battery backup). It turns on, takes a little while to set up. Then you can log in, make all the adjustments you want. I quickly made it RAID1 which was my main intention. Couldn't be easier. Hopefully it doesn't fail! It feels very secure to me. I like the fact that its incredibly easy to access the drive on my mac at home, or if I'm away it acts like its own server/cloud.

    Bob Feeser
    Great device for backup and even better yet for syncing files and folders on different computers.

    I’ve been using a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo for years. Stepping up to this WD EX2 is a quantum leap in capacity and power. Setup is easy. You don’t need to be an expert in networking to use this. You simply plug in the power adapter, and hook up an Ethernet cable to your router or extension switch. Then you go into the WD web site and they setup your My Cloud device and create an account for you. You simply put in your name, a device user name the one you use to log onto the device, and supply your email address. That’s it. That registers your device that was automatically located when the web site scanned and found it. It also then automatically updates your device.You create a password, and then it takes you to the login page. Immediately after logging in you are taken to the invitation to download WD Sync which lets you easily upload files from your computer to your new personal cloud (EX2), and it keeps your most important file synchronized across your computers.Okay I had to pause my review because although everything is installed, however logging into the online My Cloud account the service is unable to connect to my EX2 as in device not found. I rebooted, and tried many things to no avail. By having the online My Cloud account connect with my EX2 I would be able to access files from anywhere. So I broke down and contacted support. They are very good at being helpful. Inside the software it instructs you to update the firmware from within the “Settings” from within the device, and then choose update. So I did that and everything updated successfully. However it still would not connect.Don’t misunderstand me when I say it won’t connect because it does connect to my computer very easily and without fault. I am able to copy and paste files and folders to and from the device, the only thing is my “My Cloud” online account can’t connect to the device. So support had me go to a web site that is “you get signal” and check on port 80 and port 443. Both of those ports came back as blocked. I Googled the problem and they say it is not in Verizon’s service, but rather the router by default is set to block those two ports. So you can go into the router and unblock, but it is not without warning that you could be opening yourself up to intrusions as in some hacker accessing your network. They are blocked as a default for that reason.Even though the technical aspects of setting up the networking are automated, and that is huge having owned a Windows Server, the actual implementation of all of the features will as is expected take a little learning curve. Any software that is new to you always takes a little time in the beginning but after a short while it becomes second nature. But they really do make it easy. For example I opened up WD Sync for the first time went through a few prompted menus, and arrived at a screen that said, "We have chosen the following folders to be synchronized with the WD so that anytime you change or add a file in those folders they will be automatically updated in the device as well. They chose for me My Documents, My Pictures, etc. ones that you most regularly use.You will want to go to the WD web site learning center where there are two users guides. You also need to download the different featured software like WD sync and WD access. If you chose the preference you can have a blue and white WD icon on your task bar that opens to a full suite of options.I am looking forward to finally getting my different windows computers sorted and organized. I was excited about accessing files and folders from "anywhere" on a tablet device, but that will wait until I get more information about the port unblocking vulnerability. With the file syncing feature all folders that are included in the file sync will automatically update those same folders chosen on my other computers. That is fabulous.Since I have MSFT Office 2013 on the hard disc version I decided to stop using 365. As it turns out I am not out that often to need a service that costs 10 bucks per month. So this WD My Cloud was going to be a great alternative. There is no charge for the My Cloud account online. That is not backup storage online but rather being able to connect to your EX2 device from anywhere through the web portal. I am not deducting a star for the port blocking problem because that has nothing to do with the EX2 but rather my Verizon service security. Once I get that sorted out.If you have ever experienced a crashed hard drive that is unrecoverable, and I think we all have, you can all the more appreciate just how convenient this WD My Cloud EX2 is notwithstanding have access to any file or folder from anywhere within your network, on any device is with automatic syncing updates is worth the price of admission alone. This thing really is a headless computer with built in processor, and ram. It is ideally designed to be a forever on device consuming less electricity than a full blown computer, and the drives are built to with...

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