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Ergonomic Laptop Stand - Silver

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    • Elegant Design: The stand is designed to be simple and stylish; it fits to your home and office perfectly.
    • Dedicated to Each Detail: The aluminum plate can well ventilate the heat generated by the laptop, and the silicone pads are attached to protect laptops from scratches.
    • Ergonomic Design: The stand can elevate a notebook or laptop, so you can stand up to work or raise the eye level, getting better posture to release the pain or stress. Dual adjustable shafts provide an ideal view while using your laptop.
    • Ultra Stable & Heavy Duty: It is built with high-quality aluminum alloy, and can hold laptops up to 44 lbs. it is durable and heavy-duty to serve you always.
    • Broad Compatibility: This laptop stand can work with all laptops from 10 to 16 inches; it is stable and will not shake while you are typing.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Francisco Baez
    Lightweight and Sturdy, totally recommended.

    This is a great stand, when I received it I ran to put it in my desk and I notified that is very lightweight which is very cool but also you can feel that is very sturdy too, you can feel the high quality of this product when you touch it. The paint finish is well done and it is pretty useful that you can adjust the position of the stand.I totally recommend it, if you have a laptop that you are looking to place it on a stand, this is the one that you should buy.

    Marta Kozlowska
    Very sturdy!! Good investment

    I've been looking for a good, sturdy, and stable laptop stand for a while now. I found this one through some website which wrote that this was the cheapest sturdiest laptop stand out there. Now, of course there are cheaper laptop stands out there, but usually they're not adjustable, OR ever if you van adjust the height, all the reviews talk about how the stand falls back down once you set your laptop on it. This is not the case here. the extra $10 that I spent on this stand was so worth it! Immediately after taking the stand out of the box, you can sense that it is heavy - in a good way! Once I put it down on my desk and adjusted the height it proved its case. The stand is not overly heavy (you could put it in your backpack and take it to work), but its weight is a sign of its sturdiness. I type aggressively on my keyboard but the laptop stand barely flinches, and does so just as much as my desk (that is, the stand doesn't add wobble, only reflects the wobble of the surface it is on). Yes, it is a bit difficult at first to adjust the height - but that is good! You don't want your laptop to slowly slide down as you work because it is "easy" to adjust. This makes it very sturdy and stable, and the two "arms" that raise the height make sure that the top of the stand doesn't wiggle side to side (as opposed to cheaper stands with only one adjusting arm).TLDR: Little to no wobble, stable on surfaces. Invest the $10 more in this stand. It's worth it!

    Crazy solid, Tons of extra room for lower deck keyboard

    I was looking for a laptop stand that would allow me to put a wireless full size (with number pad) keyboard beneath it and type while moving large paper files around in front of the laptop set up. Note that many laptop stands either have fixed heights that are too low to tuck a keyboard (and your fingers) below the stand, and others have designed the stand itself so that it’s not flat on the desk/table or have ribs that would get in the way of the keyboard. This stand’s lower portion is VERY flat so it doesn’t bug my keyboard AND gives me as much (or as little) room as I want at any angle.I’ve never dealt with Nulaxy, but this is extremely well built and impossibly sturdy. I was worried about whether the joints would be flimsy or seem likely to wear out, but this thing is like a vault. It’s also good looking, if you care. Only drawback is it doesn’t get especially flat. I’m leaving it in my WFH space so I’m not carrying it around a lot, but it would take up a lot of space in my laptop bag. It’s very light weight (but again very sturdy, if they told me it was NASA titanium, I’d believe it)

    MB - Ontario, Canada
    Good product

    Excellent product. It's portable so you can use anywhere in house, or take with you to school or office.Very helpful at preventing neck strain or wrist strain, specially when combined with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Worth the price.

    Great sturdy product

    Since I began working at home more often (read: all the time, thanks COVID) I realized my laptop was not at the right height for long term work. I tried a basic monitor stand that was fine but did not really put the screen at the right angle and took up a lot of space. Then I found this thing. It works wonders.Pros:- Adjusts exactly to the spot and angle you want- Sturdy- Creates a lot of room underneath (which as you can see I use for junk, but sometimes it's clean)Cons:- Takes a lot of pressure to adjust the height so don't expect to move it all the time (that said, I like that because it doesn't move on its own)i highly recommend this product.

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