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Canon G3260 All-in-One Printer

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    • Enjoy an ink savings of 1,175 and experience high yields of up to 6,000 black / 7,700 printed pages with a single set of color bottles. Plus, your printer comes with 2 bonus black ink bottles.
    • Print both documents and photos on a variety of paper types using a hybrid ink system with pigment black for sharp black text and dye-based colors for vivid borderless3 photos up to 8.5 x 11. With fast print speeds and a flatbed scanner, this wireless All-In-One can handle printing, copying, and scanning with ease.
    • Connect and print wirelessly2 from your computer or your favorite mobile device using the Canon PRINT app4, or print without any additional apps thanks to Apple AirPrint6 or Mopria7 support.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    L. Schrock
    Good printer with confusing install software

    Generally a good printer. Bought to replace second Epson that had printing issues (continuous bogus paper jam). Printer has maintenance to clean rollers and paper guides. Decent print quality right out of the box. Is slower than the Epsons but also costs about 2/3. Was concerned that the complete inversion of the ink bottles would make a mess if you didn't need the whole bottle for refills. Not a problem with factory ink - a valve in the bottle shuts off flow even if bottle is not empty. Second concern was comments about problems connecting to a wireless network. Software is confusing here and poor design. If you select cable installation you can't go back and add wireless. Software exits when wire connection. You get to download a second time and install the drivers again (Windows then calls the wireless installation a second printer). Easy solution: do NOT answer yes when it asks if you want to do a wired connection. If you answer NO the next screen will assume you are doing wireless and it looks up the router SSID and password from the computer you are using. So no need to manually enter this. Select NO and wait a minute or two and you are done. Wasn't worth deleting drivers and starting over so I have both wired and networked printers even though the cable to the printer is no longer connected.I really wish the installation software actually installed on Windows - would have saved me downloading it twice. Or I could have just answered that I did NOT want to install a USB printer.

    BWK Badger
    Good print quality

    Good points: great black text print quality and color photo prints are very good. I also own a Canon PRO-100 photo printer but on prints smaller than 8 X 10 the G7020 does a very good photo print but you MUST use the highest quality glossy photo paper. The PRO-100 does better quality prints on larger paper but also has 8 ink cartridges. Bad points: I synced the G7020 with two HP computers, an IPAD and a Samsung phone. This was very exhausting and difficult task to load proper software and/or sync on all units. One HP still hasn't loaded the shortcut icon properly but still recognizes the printer when you print. I used a Canon MX922 previously and it worked well but it had lots of ink cartridge and print head issues. The G7020 back feeder for special size photo paper is kind of a pain in the butt whereas the MX922 had a separate drawer for smaller size paper. The MX922 would turn on by itself when you print but the G7020 must be manually turned on, however it will turn off by itself after a period. The G7020 has MUCH better print quality than the MX922 did. If you are going to purchase a super ink tank type printer I recommend the G7020 due to the auto paper feeder on top for copying. Spend a little more and get the better functions the G7020 has.

    Very pleased!

    I'm so glad I bought this printer! Bought it to replace another Canon printer that used individual ink cartridges. Those cartridges cost $80 to replace and they were ALWAYS running dry, and never at the same rate. I love that this printer uses ink tanks to solve this problem. I've only printed a couple of times since installing it, so the jury is still out on how long the ink will last, but it HAS to be better than my previous printer.Now, onto the real reason I'm writing this review. Sooooo many other reviewers complained about how difficult this printer was to set up and connect devices to. I almost didn't buy this printer because of those complaints. Thank God I chose to give it a try. Let me assure you, this printer was simple and straightforward to set up. I had it set up, filled with ink, connected to my wifi, my phone, and my laptop, and was printing 20 minutes after I unboxed it. Literally could not have been easier. All you have to do is follow the quick start instructions that come in the box. It took me longer to break down the cardboard box for recycling than it did to connect my devices to the printer.The only complaint I agree with from others is it would be nice to have a backlit display. Other than that, I love this printer.I gave it an overall 5 star review, but I did only give it 4 stars for print quality because the print quality isn't as great as some other printers I've used, including the printer this one replaced. However, there may be a way to adjust that that I just haven't found yet. But, in fairness to Canon, I haven't really tried because the print quality is good enough for what I'm using it for right now.

    Excellent printer that performs well and comes with generous amounts of ink!

    This Canon PIXMA G6020 Supertank Wireless High Volume All-in-One Business Printer exceeded my expectations. I wasn't sure what to expect from this printer when I received it and got it set up, since I had a less than stellar experience with a previous printer not too long ago. This one surprised me, even though my initial thoughts on its appearance wasn't the greatest.First off, this DOES have a rather simplistic screen to work with. There's no large touch screen with bright backlit displays...it's extremely simple and looks like something from the 90's, to be frank. In fact, in dim light, you may even find it a little hard to read. I nearly knocked off stars for that, until I really started to test it out...and the pros quickly outweighed any cons of the screen, because that was the only con I ended up finding with it. And it doesn't even really matter, in the end!Setup was surprisingly smooth and rather easy. I was a little taken aback at the amount and volume of ink initially provided...and the manner of which you have to dispense it into the printer. I was really worried I was going to end up squirting it everywhere...but I was cautious and careful...and filling up the compartments with the associated ink colors was actually surprisingly easy and simple to do, with no mess whatsoever, so long as you're careful. No funky finagling around with ink cartridges that may get out of place or not click correctly in, with error messages claiming you didn't have the right brand, etc. You can easily see at a glance where your ink levels are at without having to scroll through a lot of screens and menus to get the printer to tell you about it. I found myself marveling a little at the simplicity of this, because I thought I probably wouldn't like it...but this has turned out to be my favorite color printer so far!The quality of the printing was also very surprising, as it prints even photos very clearly and quite concisely, in my opinion. I was able to wirelessly print items from my iPhone 7 Plus, my aging HP Pavilion laptop computer, my son's Acer Aspire laptop, an Apple iPad, an Fire tablet, and an old Sony Viao laptop...as well as with many other varied devices/computers/tablets. This works great for ALL of them and I have yet to find anything that I couldn't print wirelessly from, so long as everything was connected correctly.The printing speed is great! I was able to print out lengthy articles, chapters, essays, other writings, etc. with ease, and it popped everything out quickly, like a champ - even in color!I was actually so impressed with the photo quality of this (which I wasn't expecting at ALL) that I printed out some pictures from a recent vacation, framed them, and hung them quickly. While you can probably get even better quality out of other photo printers, this was way more than sufficient, and it produces vibrant colors and captures light nicely when it prints out the photo. Again - I was NOT expecting this to be a reliably good photo printer, so this was a very welcome surprise.Overall, I could go on and on...but everything on this printer just works...and it works well. I haven't experienced any issues with it whatsoever for weeks now, and it has been working flawlessly for me. While it doesn't "look" fancy with pretty dressings, it's definitely a powerhouse underneath it all, and consistently pops out great quality prints - whether it's photos, articles, or writings of mine - and really is extremely simple to use and maintain. This one really took me by surprise at how much I like it, and it's just such an excellent all-in-one simple workhorse in an office or in your home, as well. Excellent printer, and I would give it 10 stars if I could! It is indeed a "Supertank," for sure!

    Liam Fulton
    Best printer ever! And 6000+ pages!

    Best printer I have ever owned!Finally printing is a pleasure.Needs about an hour to set up, you need to learn where all the doors and sensors are at, as they must be open or not covered.Once you get your first page printing you are in business!!My wife printed her first page from her cell phone without ever going near the printer, just downloaded the app and selected the printer on the WiFi and then printer documents.I’ve gone thru 3 reams of paper and still have almost full ink wells!6000+ pages! Amazing!

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