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Synology 4-Bay NAS DiskStation

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    • Two built-in M.2 2280 NVMe SSD slots permit cache acceleration without occupying storage drive bays.
    • Intel quad-core processor with AES-NI hardware encryption engine, over 225 MB/s sequential reads and write throughput.
    • 4 GB DDR4 memory (expandable up to 8 GB); Scalable up to 9 drives with Synology DX517.
    • Average 15% performance boost to photo indexing and other computing-intensive operations, as well as database response time.
    • By default, two camera licenses are installed; extra licenses can be purchased (CLP1, CLP4, or CLP8).

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Bama Fan 2009
    Great home NAS

    I use this NAS for backup and streaming media. It is wonderful. With 6GB memory (I added 4GB) it is not processor bound in any way. My backups are performing flawlessly. Video and audio streaming is working well, but in all honesty I am not streaming more than one movie at a time. The backup times are more than acceptable. The NAS management software from Synology is first class and very easy to use. I installed Seagate Ironwolf drives and I would recommend those to anyone. Great capability for my home/home office.

    R. Worne
    Love this thing

    I purchased this DS1520+ as a diskless system. I also purchased Ironwolf drives along with it and later followed up with an Ironwolf M.2 cache card that I installed a few days later.Setup was simple and fast. Install the drives, let it format and run it's integrity check. While the check is running, you can use it. I come from a much older NAS, a ReadyNAS NV+, that was definitely showing its age, but served well for over a decade.1. It's quiet. I assume a lot of this to do with the drives, but the ones I chose and this unit are whisper quiet. It sits less then 3 feet away on my desk, and the most noise it makes is a barely perceptible rumbling noise when the disk access is heavy.2. It's fast. Compared to my old system, it's probably 10X faster on file transfers. Yes, it's noticeable that it's not a local disk, but I cannot complain at all about the speed.3. Easy to setup and use. A basic install of disks and initial setup of the DSM software on it is pretty easy to manage - and it's a tool less install too. For setup, you can dig into it and make it much more complex, but setting up a plex server was simple enough and docker - well that depends on what you are installing. Only warning I have here is be careful how you set up networking. They have a tool that does a security check that warns you of potential problems, but you do not want to expose it unnecessarily to the Internet.4. SSD Cache helps. It learns eventually what files are most accessed. It's useless for streaming movies - the disks are adequate enough for that - but the metadata comes quickly off the system. Make sure to tell it in the SSD configuration to stream large files off the disks to preserve cache space. I installed this about a week after getting the unit. Since I only have one M.2 card, the cache is for NAS reads only - you'll need two cards for a read-write cache. Turn it off, flip it over and plug it in. Flip it over and turn it on again. Then tell it you want to set it up a SSD and a few clicks later, it's done.5. Plex: Runs like a champ on this system. I use it to stream media to iOS devices and the AppleTV.The only complaint I have is that perhaps I should have ordered larger drives to put in it, but that's on me. 2 drive fault tolerance takes huge chunk out of your storage space. After migrating all my data, it was about 40% full. That's about 10+ years or so worth of accumulated data, so it may not be that bad.My setup:Synology DS1520+ w/stock 8GB RAM5x Seagate Ironwolf 4TB drives, formatted SHR w/2 drive fault tolerance. 3.64TB (formatted space) x5 = 18.2TB, 10.9TB useable for storage.Seagate Ironwolf 480GB M.2 cache card.

    Software Engineer
    love it. works well.

    got it for an excellent price when the unit was first released on . it can hold so many linux distros.

    Ruben Murillo Jr.
    Perfect NAS

    This is my first time using Synology equipment and I am loving it! I travel a good bit and know I can have ALL my files accessible when I need them. The UI is very easy to handle and it has so many added apps that make this a perfect NAS for any application.

    Total love

    first NAS and i must say Synology has me...really love the design and the almost tool free installation. unit feels good to the touch and compacti really like the inclusion of two usb 3 ports. allowed me to connect some of my existing drives and keep them in useUpdateFound the setting that allows the unit to power back on automatically if there's a power disruption. with that feature, i can set this up anywhere in the world knowing i will always have access to my files so long as it stays connected to my router

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