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Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo with Wrist Rest

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  • ERGONOMIC WIRELESS KEYBOARD AND MOUSE COMBO: This full-sized wireless keyboard is ergonomically designed with a Palm Rest and folding holder that can keep it at an optimum slope, prevent your wrists from hurting while long sessions of typing. The keyboard is also designed with anti-slide pads so it will stay in place when you're typing quickly. NOTE: THE USB RECEIVER IS INSERTED IN THE BATTERY COMPARTMENT OF THE MOUSE, YOU CAN FIND IT WHEN OPEN THE MOUSE BATTERY COVER.
  • PLUG & PLAY 2.4G WIRELESS CONNECTION: One 2.4 GHz USB receiver can connect both the keyboard and mouse, can also be used separately, plug & play, no need to download any software. 2.4 GHz wireless provides a powerful and reliable connection up to 33 feet(10m) without any delays.
  • AUTOMATIC POWER SAVING FUNCTION: The wireless keyboard and mouse combo have the function of automatically entering the power-saving state. When you stop using the keyboard for more than 30 minutes, stop using the mouse for more than 25 seconds, they will enter sleep mode respectively to save power. This feature greatly extends the battery life, you can click any button to activate the device. The keyboard needs 1 x AA battery, the mouse needs 1 x AA battery. (Battery Not Included).
  • WIRELESS OPTICAL MOUSE: The mouse was an optical design, even on some smooth surfaces, precise control can be obtained. 3-level adjustable DPI (800/1200/1600) allows you to choose your favorite moving speed of the cursor. In addition, this wireless mouse is symmetry design, no matter you are Right handed Left handed, both hands are available, suitable for all people.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Maria Aguilera
Good keyboard

Good wireless keyboard & mouse. Keys are soft & consistent. They have a firm feel to them, not too loud as you tap them during your typing. As for ergonomics, meh. But dont go by me, Im an OG typist who used a manual typewriter throughout college. Im accustomed to curling my fingers & holding them above the keyboard. Ive used this keyboard 1 to 2 hours a day, 4 days a week. No carpal tunnel yet.


From the the box arriving to a working keyboard, not even 5 minutes. Easy set-up, smooth keyboard, and the lights to designate on and CAPS lock are easy to see. Overall, thrilled with the purchase and you cannot beat the price. Extremely happy with the product and definitely recommend.

max dudak
Great Deal!!!

I'm very satisfied with this product.The unit is a plug and play and took less than two minutes to install the batteries and plug the receiver into a USB port on the computer. The keyboard is responsive and quiet and the mouse movements are precise. The cap and number lock lights are a much appreciated extra. The performance of this unit is equal to or better than my Logitech and 1/2 the price.

Love this keyboard!

First things first, the Nano receiver is very sneakily hiding in the mouse and you can't get it out if the battery is in. Once you see it, it's obvious but I was a bit flummoxed initially.Full disclosure, this came today and I really needed to replace my work keyboard. My desk is tiny, my space is tiny and I hate a wired keyboard. I particularly hate a wired keyboard in this situation because I'm flipping back and forth with my personal laptop and some classes I am taking for work so I have to tuck the keyboard in a precarious location under the monitors and hope for the best.With a wireless keyboard my hope was that when I had to make those random exchanges I could just plop it on my lap and still have access to work stuff and do a quick review on the research I was doing on my personal laptop. (Database testing type stuff, I can't use my work install for the test databases and so I have to flip back and forth.) So, that convoluted story out of the way, I really love this keyboard. Easy peazy set up, no configuration, just plug in the single (another selling point, ONE receiver for two devices) Nano receiver and both keyboard and mouse came to life. In the printed directions are instructions for re-connecting if you have a problem so I'd suggest keeping that handy.Key response is smooth and effortless, very low noise factor and super comfortable and ergonomic. I already had a mouse I really liked so I just moved it to my personal laptop and I have to tell you, I love bonus mouse. A lot. Quick, easy to move and this is going to sound silly, but has a very satisfying double click. I know, weird but seriously, there is no hesitation it just double clicks in a nice quick way that I am writing this review now vs. a few days from now.As always and particularly because I'm fan girling out here and writing this review now, if anything changes, I will most assuredly update accordingly. I am not shy and this keyboard will see heavy use.

mary w
This is how I play PC cyberpunk on the 4K 70inch

Great bang for buck! This is what I use when Im sitting on the couch and have my PC hooked up to the TV. Love that the keyboard sleeps after a while to save battery. Great for playing single player games. Mouse signal is great, doesnt cut out. There is no software to configure this mouse but you really dont need any because you can use standard windows/Mac settings for sensitivity fine tuning and use AutoHotKey to rebind any keys. I love this combo, I was shopping around for a wireless mouse and keyboard for quite a while and got a great deal Im very happy with this mouse keyboard combo. Really glad I didnt need to spend this price on just a mouse alone. Highly recommend!!

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