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Wireless Keyboard and Mouse with Phone Holder

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    • [ Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo ]- The 2.4GHz Transmission Technology can provide anti-interference stable transmission and make sure you enjoy the wireless freedom, just plug and play, no driver or software required. The 2.4GHz technology ensures a strong and reliable connection within a 10-meter working range. The USB receiver is plugged into the battery compartment of the mouse. Connect a keyboard and mouse with just a nano receiver.
    • [Full-Size Wireless Keyboard ]- **Note: the 12 Multimedia shortcuts are not compatible with the Mac system.** Standard US layout (QWERTY) with number pad, each key is independently and appropriately spaced to prevent hitting the wrong key simultaneously. 12 multimedia hotkeys combined help you to play music and movie, browse the web, open email, and more, extremely convenient and efficient.
    • [ Mute Wireless Mouse ]- This Cordless mouse provides whisper-quiet clicking, never worry about disturbing others to rest while working or playing. DPI adjustable mouse delivers 3-level of DPI (800/1200/1600) to cater to your different needs insensitivity.
    • [ Long Battery Life ]- The ergonomic wireless keyboard is powered by 2 AAA batteries, and the wireless mouse is powered by 1 AA battery (batteries are not included). Both mouse and keyboard have an on/off switch, turn them off when not use. save battery life and reduce battery replacement.

    Customer Reviews

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    Peter T.
    Mouse and keyboard

    I bought this mouse and keyboard set to use with my home office. The set comes with a USB that connects to the computer and the keyboard and mouse connected relatively quickly. The keyboard feels nice to type on and the mouse is comfortable to use.

    Joe VonKamp
    I love it.

    I bought this set to replace a prehistoric Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse combo I picked up on FB Marketplace for $5 to use on my old PC build that is now in my living room, hooked to the TV. That combo is so old the mouse wasn't even optical, it still had the ball in it. Needless to say, it had horrible range. You had to be about 2 feet from the TV to use the mouse and keyboard. This combo here has no problem with range, and I just noticed last night that the mouse has a DPI button on it! It IS mentioned in the description, but I didn't notice. It's a godsend, because the default DPI setting combined with the giant 50-inch TV the PC is hooked to made for some tedious mouse use. Now you can zip the cursor all over the screen with ease. My wife didn't really care at first, and didn't see the big deal since the old combo technically worked, but the first time she used it, she fell in love with it. She really liked that it came with a thin rubber cover over the keys to keep dirt and liquid out of the keyboard (darn kids and pets), and has been meticulous about keeping it clean. As far as durability goes, the keyboard recently survived getting picked up and smacked on the coffee table hard enough to pop some keys out of it (no, it wasn't me), and besides the battery cover no longer fitting in place properly, shows no signs of having been put through that. Everything still works. So...kid proof, I guess? Battery longevity seems really good so far. This combo is still on the first set, which isn't surprising considering the short time I've had it, but compared to the old combo, which ate a set of batteries in about a week and a half, it's significantly better. Both the mouse and keyboard are pretty quiet, too. I wouldn't say silent, but barely audible in a fairly quiet room, especially with the rubber cover on the keyboard. Overall, I'm very happy with it.UPDATE: The keyboard is now dead. I thought maybe the batteries, but new ones didn't fix it. I DO NOT blame the keyboard, it was an angry person in my house hitting it on the coffee table that likely caused it's demise, it just took it a while. I plan on buying another as soon as I can afford.UPDATE2: Bought another one. Works just fine. And I swear, for some reason, the build quality of this second combo seems better than the first.

    Great product, mouse is superb.

    Excellent quality keyboard and mouse.The mouse is super silent and the options for changing DPI is great. I use my PC with two screens and with a low DPI mouse it can be tedious dragging the mouse halfway across the desk. This one solves all my problems. It is smooth, flies at the slightest touch and the buttons are incredibly silent.The keyboard is a full size and the shortcut keys are handy. I appreciate the on off button on the top of the keyboard so I don't have to reach around for it when I switch it off.

    Ricardo R.
    Extremely quiet and both are very pleasing to use. Plus...

    ... the cellphone "trench" at the top-left corner is great! Both keyboard and mouse make next to no clicking noise while typing or using the mouse buttons. My keyboard-mouse combo recently died so this replacement combo fits my needs handsomely!

    Easy set up

    I needed a replacement keyboard and mouse this is a great value for both in one and I really like the keys since Im typing all day and the mouse is nice and light weight and its great to have it be cordless to super easy set up right out of the box was up and working in minutes

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